Chicago billboard campaign to ‘teach’ about hijab

Chicago billboard campaign to ‘teach’ about hijab
Teaching tool. (Image: Screen grab of CBS 2 Chicago video)

[Ed. – Note how the CBS story simply adopts the perspective that people are bigots, as if it is normal to viciously slander your unknown fellow citizens in such a way.]

A billboard campaign seeks to educate Chicago-area drivers about a traditional garment worn by some Muslim women.

For six weeks, billboards along the Tri-State Tollway and I-55 will feature women wearing the hijab, a veil covering the head and chest. …

[Kiran] Malik, along with other members of the Muslim group GainPeace, wanted the billboards, to demonstrate the hijab as a symbol of empowerment and devotion to their religion.

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The hope is to dispel what they call negative stereotypes about Muslim women. …

Two billboards may not change the hearts of bigots, but they believe it will be a start.

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