Israel’s practices can help America harden against school shootings

Israel’s practices can help America harden against school shootings

[Ed. – Practical advice.]

President Trump, if the Department of Education can force Americans to deal with the disaster of Common Core, it can certainly issue a federal mandate regarding school security. The time is now. …

[S]ays [Ben Goldstein, an American-Israeli and civil security guard] … “sometimes children must take matters into their own hands. If the school has no proper security – two guards in case one gets shot, and no active shooter protocol, and no doors to withstand an attack – then the child needs to run as fast as they can AWAY from the shooter.”

Because right now, America is the deer-in-headlights.  Gun control debates are a distraction and impractical, and criminals ignore laws anyway. Crazy people are obviously not being dealt with properly – students at Parkland even predicted this would happen.

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The only solution is for America to toughen up. …

[L]et’s make our kids into the self-reliant, pro-active defenders of themselves and others.

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