Online mag Salon wants to use your browser to ‘mine’ cryptocurrencies

Online mag Salon wants to use your browser to ‘mine’ cryptocurrencies

[Ed. – Daily Beast uses the word “hijack,” but I encountered this yesterday, and it’s an opt-in proposition, not a “hijacking” of your browser.  Basically, it’s the alternative now to turning off your ad-blocker when you visit Salon.  Needless to say, I opted to back out of the site and move on.]

If you want to read Salon and you don’t want to deal with ads, you’ll have to agree to get into the cryptocurrency business.

On Sunday night, the famously liberal site began testing a new formula: If non-subscribers using ad-blocking software want to read the publication, they’ll dedicate part of their processing power to help Salon mine Monero, a popular cryptocurrency. …

Cryptocurrencies rely on processors to solve complex mathematical calculations to approve transactions, which is how users to win or “mine” currencies. Larger user pools—like the one Salon is experimenting with—increase the chance of solving the equations and winning currency.

According to the company, Salon has enlisted or “pooled” readers’ computers to mine Monero, a privacy-focused coin, and other cryptocurrencies.

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