Students at U. of Wisconsin-Stout must ‘appreciate’ social differences to graduate

Students at U. of Wisconsin-Stout must ‘appreciate’ social differences to graduate

[Ed. – ‘Probably in both senses of the word.]

The University of Wisconsin-Stout has added a requirement designed to ensure that its graduates “appreciate cultural, economic, political, environmental, and social differences.”

The new “global perspectives” course is intended to supplement the Racial and Ethnic Studies requirement that all students must complete before graduating from the institution.

As approved by the Faculty Senate last March, applicable courses will teach that inequities are “the impact of globalized capitalism and neoliberalism on economic systems,” and that it is advisable to adjust one’s “worldview” by “knowing and valuing the histories, identities, and values of diverse others.”

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“Understanding global perspectives and how they are formed is not just a prerequisite for becoming a global citizen; it is necessary for becoming an engaged citizen of any local community,” asserts the preamble of the document approving the new mandate, noting that course requirements play “a critical role in helping students develop an understanding of the deeply interconnected nature of the world.”

In order to fulfill the requirement, students must complete at least six credits from a list of approved courses that address at least two out of four categories: Global Self-Awareness, Global Knowledge, Global Viewpoint, and Global Engagement.

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