Island nation once ‘sinking’ due to climate change is actually growing in size

Island nation once ‘sinking’ due to climate change is actually growing in size

[Ed. – Note the timeframe of this study. It covers much the same period the previous assessment was based on (i.e., the claim that Tuvalu would be swamped in rising waters and be lost).  Same time period, same rising sea level — different conclusion. So important to understand that. For complex phenomena like rising sea levels and effects on coastlines, “settled” science tends to be merely unchallenged science.]

A University of Auckland study examined changes in the geography of Tuvalu’s nine atolls and 101 reef islands between 1971 and 2014, using aerial photographs and satellite imagery.

It found eight of the atolls and almost three-quarters of the islands grew during the study period, lifting Tuvalu’s total land area by 2.9 percent, even though sea levels in the country rose at twice the global average.

Co-author Paul Kench said the research, published Friday in the journal Nature Communications, challenged the assumption that low-lying island nations would be swamped as the sea rose. …

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“The study findings may seem counter-intuitive, given that (the) sea level has been rising in the region over the past half century, but the dominant mode of change over that time on Tuvalu has been expansion, not erosion.”

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