The real reason Trump fans can’t stand NeverTrumpers

The real reason Trump fans can’t stand NeverTrumpers

[Ed. – Not to worry, “Cult 45,” NeverTrumpers understand your pain.  Meanwhile, over here on the Island of Misfit Trump Agnostics — me and the two other people — I at least get a chuckle out of this stuff.]

Within just the past few days, I have come to what I think is a much better, though far more depressing, understanding of what is really driving the intense hatred of “Never Trump” conservatives by at least some of Trump’s fans. This came from having shockingly and painfully lost a couple of what I previously thought were good friends, while being largely oblivious, until recently, that the relationships ended primarily because of my opposition to Trump. …

I suddenly realized that these fractures really had very little to do with me, per se, but everything with how these intelligent conservatives felt about themselves because of my position on Trump.

As a married man, I have long ago realized that I am far more likely to be forced to suffer punishment for an argument when I am actually right (which happens about 5% of the time) than when I am wrong. This is because, on the very rare occasion that I am right, it makes my wife feel badly about herself.

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