White CNN commentator repeatedly says n-word to prove he’s not racist

White CNN commentator repeatedly says n-word to prove he’s not racist
Phil Mudd (Image: Grabien video screen grab)

[Ed. – His name? Phil Mudd.]

CNN counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd repeatedly used the N-word live on air Thursday night to prove that he’s totally not racist.

In an interview with Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight,” Mudd, who is white, criticized President Trump’s use of the word “sh-thole” when describing conditions in Haiti in a profanity-laced, nonsensical rant.

“In one way I’m proud,” Mudd said. “A [sic] am a proud sh-tholer. My family was called ‘wops’ and ‘mackerel eaters.’ I’m proud of that. We came when people from Ireland and Italy were seen as dirty people. Dirty Catholics who didn’t belong in a Protestant country.”

He then proceeded to list a number of racial slurs, including the n-word.

“Sh-tholers built this country 110 years ago,” Mudd said. “They were called slopers and slant-eyes. Chinese people who built this country.”

“What does that tell you in America one generation called you a ‘n—er,’” he said. “We’re no different than we were a generation ago and we’re learning the same lessons that we learned when we called Chinese man a slant-eye. …

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