McCain complains about House GOP, Trump: ‘Doing Putin’s job for him’

McCain complains about House GOP, Trump: ‘Doing Putin’s job for him’

[Ed. – Why should the people be required to remain uncertain whether the FBI was honest with the FISA court about the nature of the Steele dossier?  How does it serve Putin’s interest for that uncertainty to be relieved?]

Mere minutes after President Donald Trump approved the declassification of the controversial memo claiming abuse of surveillance powers by the FBI, Sen. John McCain issued a sharp criticism of his Republican colleagues and Trump. In a statement, the senator from Arizona who is currently away from Washington undergoing treatment for brain cancer called on his colleagues and Trump to stop “manufacturing partisan sideshows” that ultimately only benefit Russia.

“The latest attacks on the FBI and Department of Justice serve no American interests — no party’s, no president’s, only Putin’s,” McCain said in reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The American people deserve to know all of the facts surrounding Russia’s ongoing efforts to subvert our democracy, which is why Special Counsel [Robert] Mueller’s investigation must proceed unimpeded.”

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