Russia ‘fake news’ scare is about chilling free speech

Russia ‘fake news’ scare is about chilling free speech

[Ed. – Couldn’t agree more.  Wrote about this last week as one of the threads running together through the “Russiagate” theme.  Harsanyi’s article is great.]

Democrats have manufactured panic over amateurish Russian propaganda to not only claim that Vlad Putin was “meddling” in the election, but also to argue that interference had the power to turn the election to Trump. With this risible idea in hand, they have created paranoia about social media interactions and rationalized infringements on expression.

Not long before demanding forensic investigations into hashtags, Feinstein was demanding Twitter, Facebook, and Google more tightly restrict its content, threatening, “Do something about it — or we will.” Democrats have attempted to control interactions through Fairness Doctrines or the IRS, and now the Russia scare. Part of living in a free country is dealing with messy, ugly misinformation.

Lots of people in the United States seem pretty impressed by how they do things in Europe. …

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Me? I’d rather we live with Russian troll bots feeding us nonsense than authoritarian senators dictating how we consume news.

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