Official: German military ‘not deployable for collective defense’

Official: German military ‘not deployable for collective defense’
Two of Germany's 95 active main battle tanks (Leopard 2A5s) show off their snorkeling capability. Black dot at head of right-hand wake is the second tank. (Image: Screen grab of Wikipedia video)

[Ed. – See, this is what’s confusing.  This is the same country that’s so gung-ho for a European Union defense force, on top of the NATO alliance.  In fact, it’s not just the same country; it’s the same guy.  Hans-Peter Bartels.  If Germany can’t meet one defense commitment, it’s hard to see how she would meet two.  Of course, maybe the idea is to make Germany’s readiness moot by finding ways to commit all her neighbors to spending on defense.  Doesn’t seem classically German, however.]

The German military “is currently unavailable,” the Washington Post reported following an interview with Hans-Peter Bartels, a German official who acts as a political advocate for the armed forces.

Bartels said the German military is virtually “not deployable for collective defense.”

Warning signs about Germany’s military have existed for years, but issues with underfunding became especially visible three years ago during NATO military exercises. German soldiers at that time resorted to painting broomsticks black to give them the appearance of machine guns. Soldiers then attached them to tanks and other armored vehicles.

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The practice was “incomprehensible,” said a Defense Ministry spokesman.

Since then, the situation has only become worse, according to the Post. The country only has 95 combat-ready combat tanks, an issue exacerbated by the fact that Russia reportedly possesses more than 20,000.

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