Internet rallies with fund, job offers for disabled vet driven from job by SJWs

Internet rallies with fund, job offers for disabled vet driven from job by SJWs

[Ed. – Talk about feel-good stories. The angry SJWs have started a “counter-fund,” apparently just because they hate this poor guy so much.  (At the time of this posting, it has raised $100 — compared to over $30K for the Caligan comic project fund.)  All Caligan did was say your DNA never changes from male to female.]

Last week, PJ Media reported about Will Caligan, a conservative disabled veteran who lost his job after offending the Transgender Mafia with science. Caligan is a talented comics artist who found himself in a bigoted work environment run by people hostile toward anyone with conservative Christian views. Instead of tolerance, Caligan experienced public shaming, threats, a job loss, and colleagues turning their backs on him after he stated a man cannot change his DNA based on wishes. …

[W]ithin hours of PJ Media publishing that story, Vox Day of Castalia House Publishing reached out to Caligan and offered him a project. …

Now, not only is Castalia House funding a project for Caligan, but other publishers are following suit.

Chris Kennedy Publishing has contacted Caligan to turn one of their books into a graphic novel as well.

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