Despite shutdown, the government is still operating: Here’s how

Despite shutdown, the government is still operating: Here’s how

[Ed. – Bark worse than bite.]

… [T]he federal government didn’t really shut down – as is cease all operations – Saturday morning when Congress failed to approve a spending bill to keep it operating.

In fact, the federal government never shuts down completely. Although the shutdown officially began the moment Friday turned into Saturday at midnight, the federal government continues providing many crucial services without interruption.

A partial government shutdown is not a good thing, of course. It represents a failure of our elected leaders to do the most basic part of their jobs, as required under the Constitution. And it wastes billions of dollars.

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If past practice is followed, federal employees will be paid retroactively for their missed paychecks after the shutdown ends – meaning hard-working taxpayers will be paying furloughed government workers to sit at home and do nothing.

Don’t blame furloughed federal workers for taking money for nothing. They’re not even allowed to volunteer their time to stay on the job. Blame a dysfunctional Congress, which can’t even pass an annual budget and lurches from crisis to crisis to pass short-term spending bills just to keep government up and running.

Can you imagine any business operating like this?

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