Advice to young ladies in this very, very stupid era

Advice to young ladies in this very, very stupid era
Norman Rockwell, detail.

[Ed. – Somebody’s gotta say it.  Too bad these gals’ mothers didn’t.  Or their fathers, indeed, but girls learn “how to say no and act like a grown-up lady” from their mothers.  From Dad they learn what they should expect and require from guys.  Another human fact that will never change.]

So anyway, there’s not much to be said to Aziz. He didn’t attack you or molest you after you said “No,” though since you didn’t say “No” we’ll never know for sure if he might have. Doing things that you chose to do with him provided him the opposite impression of “No.”

Here’s what he saw – a girl ditches her Emmy party date to hit on him, she flirts over their respective smartphones, he asks her out, she comes over to his place, drinks, goes to dinner, drinks, goes back to his place, drinks, gets naked and plays President Bill n’ the Naughty Intern, then leaves.

I like how he called you an Uber and instructed you to use a fake name, and you just let him. Classy.

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Let me break this to you gently, misguided Misses. If you want a guy for the long haul who will actually care about your feelings – because guys can do that, you know – you might not want to leave the guy with the impression all those observations lead to. It makes you not girlfriend (much less wife) material. It makes you a notch on a bedpost.

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