Mystery boom in north Texas: Local astronomer suspects meteorite

Mystery boom in north Texas: Local astronomer suspects meteorite

[Ed. – The flash before the boom does sound distinctive — and unlike the other mystery booms we’ve been tracking, where authorities verified that the noises were not sonic booms from aircraft, or indeed anything man-made.  Just call us your Mystery Boom Central.  All the fun, right here, dudes.]

A mysterious “boom” rattled a North Texas neighborhood and residents have no idea what exactly it was or what it could mean.

Residents in North Oak Cliff said they heard an explosive noise around 8:34 p.m. on Wednesday night. Some reported seeing a flash first, then the loud noise.

Resident Isaac Martinez managed to capture a short video of the event from his security cameras.

“Out of nowhere, just this pow!” said Phillip Washington, who heard the noise from his Kings Highway apartment. “Just this huge explosion.” …

“It was immediately apparent that something had fallen from the sky,” said Ron DiIulio, an astronomer at the University of North Texas.

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