Jake Tapper: So, no, Trump didn’t actually say Haiti is a sh**hole

Jake Tapper: So, no, Trump didn’t actually say Haiti is a sh**hole
Trump hosts immigration summit with Congress, January 2018. (Image: Screen grab of White House video)

[Ed. – Trump apparently implied some African nations are sh**holes, although without naming them.  According to Tapper’s sources, the president is correct in tweeting that he did not call Haiti a sh**hole.  Interestingly enough, as Howard Portnoy pointed out, it’s still true that the Clintons used Foundation money meant for Haiti to clothe Chelsea for her wedding, among other non-Haiti-related expenses.]

After heavy mouth-breathing at the networks, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper nearly in tears and Don Lemon lashing out with a furious tirade that blasted remaining Trump supporters as racists and implying during a moment of silence they should go… ahem… there are conflicting reports about what was actually said. …

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