Dianne Feinstein says she was ‘pressured’ to release Fusion GPS transcripts, then says she ‘misspoke’

Dianne Feinstein says she was ‘pressured’ to release Fusion GPS transcripts, then says she ‘misspoke’
(Image: Screen grab of video via Twitter, @JasonCalvi)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) appears to have made a startling revelation about why she released the Fusion GPS transcripts on Tuesday — she was “pressured” to do so.

The revelation came from CNN Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju, who tweeted: “FEINSTEIN says she’s sorry to Grassley for not giving him a headsup about the release of the Fusion GPS transcript. ‘I meant to tell him, and I didn’t have a chance to tell him, and that concerns me,’ she told us. ‘I just got pressured, and I didn’t do it.'”

Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, was the first to notice the overlooked detail and was quick to point out its potential seriousness. Davis tweeted: “Wait. She was ‘pressured?’ By whom? That seems like a pretty huge detail. Was it a donor? A party boss? Federal officials? Who ‘pressured’ her?”

UPDATE: Feinstein later claimed, according to Raju, that she was not pressured to release the transcripts and her office claimed that she “misspoke.”

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