Actual data: ‘DREAMers’ not what they’re depicted as by MSM

Actual data: ‘DREAMers’ not what they’re depicted as by MSM
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[Ed. – This isn’t a surprise.  Nothing is what it’s depicted as by the MSM.  But my suggestion is this: any Dreamer who’s actually caught walking across a stage as a valedictorian can stay.]

Based on the Democrat-media propaganda, you might think illegal aliens brought here in childhood by their parents, so-called (by skilled propagandists) “DREAMers,” are all valedictorians and Medal of Honor-level military heroes.  But the reality is very different.  Trey Sanchez of Truth Revolt cites the Center for Immigration Studies data:

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) tells us that nearly half of illegal aliens who are eligible for DACA have only a “basic” proficiency of the English language and 24 percent are considered “below basic” or “functionally illiterate.”  This blows away the claims of the [l]eft that D[REAM]ers are productive members of our society, when it appears most don’t want to assimilate at all.


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Harvard’s Roberto Gonzales told CIS that 73 percent of DACA recipients are living in low-income housing and reap welfare benefits plus more from taxpayers.  Breitbart reported that only 4 percent of DACA illegals complete college…

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