Mitt Romney is the last person we need in the Senate

Mitt Romney is the last person we need in the Senate

Raise your hand if you’re excited for Senator Romney!

Democrats tend to elevate to high positions those who most effectively and aggressively champion their values. Republicans, on the other hand, tend to champion those who most effectively promote the values of the other side. Example number ten million? Mitt Romney’s likely run for Senate.

Whether we love Trump, love some aspects of him, or hate him, we should recognize that the reason we have him as leader of the Republican Party is because of past failed leaders like Mitt Romney. We have a failed culture, failed government-run health care, a failed immigration system, and failed foreign policy, with the entire society and political system inexorably marching leftward. Why? Republicans pay lip service to fixing these issues during campaigns, yet upon assumption of office, they double down on the same failed policies.

What we are now seeing in President Trump is the exact opposite. He challenges the way we look at immigration, foreign policy, alliances, and foreign aid. Trump is asking the all-important question of “why.” Why are we doing so many stupid things? Just last night, he challenged the sacred cow of the political class — the Palestinian agenda. …

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