Imagine that Obama spent the first year of his presidency battling ‘collusion’

Imagine that Obama spent the first year of his presidency battling ‘collusion’

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Imagine how Democrats, the media, academia and Hollywood would have reacted had the newly elected President Barack Obama, America’s first black president, spent the first year of his presidency with his campaign and transition teams under investigation for “collusion” to steal the election.

Imagine if, from the very moment Obama won the election, Republicans reminded the country that Sen. Obama campaigned against what he considered President George W. Bush’s dark, hawkish vision of foreign policy. And that Obama wanted to curry favor with Russia, whose assistance Obama wanted to secure the Iran nuke deal his administration so desperately wanted.

Imagine Obama supporters’ reaction had Republicans, immediately after Obama’s election, pushed the following narrative: Russia wanted Obama to win so Vladimir Putin could get him to reverse the Poland and Czech Republic defense deals Russia strongly opposed. Obama, as president, delivered. (In fact, one of President Obama’s first major foreign policy decisions reversed the missile defense deals Bush 43 negotiated with Poland and the Czech Republic.) So, say the Republicans, Obama was Russia’s guy. Imagine the explosion in this country had Bush’s top intelligence official called the newly elected Obama a Russian “asset” who does Putin’s bidding, just as former National Intelligence Director James Clapper recently described President Donald Trump.

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