Planned Parenthood suggests giving Mike Pence condoms for Christmas

Planned Parenthood suggests giving Mike Pence condoms for Christmas

[Ed. – ‘PP would have told Mary to abort Jesus.’ – Ben Shapiro

Nothing says class like Planned Parenthood, the organization responsible for some 300,000 abortions per year in the United States. They signaled their excitement about Christmas by targeting Mike Pence with supposed Christmas gifts. The organization tweeted:

Want to make it a holiday season Mike Pence will never forget? Consider donating to Planned Parenthood “in honor” of the vice president — or check out some of our other “gift” ideas: 

5:52 PM – 22 Dec 2017

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One Sophie Ota penned the glorious celebration the special season:

It’s Mike Pence — aka the anti-abortion, anti-birth control, anti-LGBTQ vice president of the United States!… Here’s a roundup of the 9 best holiday presents for Donald Trump’s right-hand man.

What were the gifts?

  1. Condoms: “So spoil Mike Pence with some condoms this holiday season!”
  2. Disney’s Mulan: “Treat Mike Pence to a cozy movie night by gifting him this 1998 classic.” Why? Because at one point, Pence wrote an op-ed talking about how Mulan falls in love with a superior officer and this has effects on troop cohesion in the film.
  3. Money for Planned Parenthood. Of course.

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