CNN’s Don Lemon says Trump is using ‘Merry Christmas’ as a dog whistle to his base

CNN’s Don Lemon says Trump is using ‘Merry Christmas’ as a dog whistle to his base
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[Ed. – Bitter lemon]

WOW! CNN’s ‘Dandy’ Don Lemon has turned President Trump continuous “Merry Christmas” war cry into a race-baiting call to our base of supporters.

Lemon and his network of heathen continue to speak negatively of Trump no matter what good he does for the American people. He just gave Americans a huge tax cut for 2018 and Lemon wants his small viewership to believe Trump is saying ‘Merry Christmas’ as a call to action for a racist base. Lemon calls it a ‘dog whistle.’

“Dog whistle,” in this context, means using a euphemism to convey a racist appeal that will only be understood by a smaller portion of the population.

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Lemon claimed that Barack Obama also said Merry Christmas but Trump’s say of saying it is different and evil.


Under Obama, there was a war on Christians. Whether it was overseas or here at home, Obama promoted and protected Muslims and Islam more than Christianity. Obama went out of his way to promote Islam whenever he got a chance, and many voters saw this and were disgusted.

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