Steele ‘dossier’ probably was FBI’s ‘insurance policy’

Steele ‘dossier’ probably was FBI’s ‘insurance policy’

[Ed. – A lot of people have thought it was obvious that the dossier was the linchpin of the campaign to weaponize state surveillance against Trump.  What’s noteworthy here is that McCarthy comes at it from assuming the FBI had straightforward intentions about the dossier — in other words, they didn’t go into it thinking of the dossier as an underhanded conspiracy against Trump — and he (McCarthy) still concludes that the dossier was used to justify the Sep 2016 FISA application.  I would enter the caveat that Bruce Ohr at Justice HAD to know what the dossier was, from the beginning. But McCarthy shows that you don’t have to know that, to reach a still-damning conclusion about its use.]

The FBI’s deputy director Andrew McCabe testified Tuesday at a marathon seven-hour closed-door hearing of the House Intelligence Committee. According to the now-infamous text message sent by FBI agent Peter Strzok to his paramour, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, it was in McCabe’s office that top FBI counterintelligence officials discussed what they saw as the frightening possibility of a Trump presidency. …

Was it the Steele dossier that so frightened the FBI?

I think so. …

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The upper ranks of the FBI and DOJ strongly preferred Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, to the point of overlooking significant evidence of her felony misconduct, even as they turned up the heat on Trump. In sum, the FBI and DOJ were predisposed to believe the allegations in Steele’s dossier. Because of their confidence in Steele, because they were predisposed to believe his scandalous claims about Donald Trump, they made grossly inadequate efforts to verify his claims. Contrary to what I hoped would be the case, I’ve come to believe Steele’s claims were used to obtain FISA surveillance authority for an investigation of Trump.

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