White privilege is, like, so yesterday. So hello to ‘centrist privilege’

White privilege is, like, so yesterday. So hello to ‘centrist privilege’
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[Ed. – Sigh!]

In this politically “polarized-more-than-ever” era, one might think being a moderate — or centrist, if you will — would be something of a badge of honor.

Not a chance, says Chapman University’s Matthew Q. Joy — it’s actually a privilege akin to that best known of all privileges, “white privilege.”

And the reason it’s a privilege is because the Republican Party has become so conservative as to make “recognizing opposing viewpoints and reaching compromises” impossible.

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Oh. Of course!

In an op-ed in the student paper The Panther, Joy chides even President Barack Obama for utilizing his centrist privilege; instead of keeping his promise of universal healthcare, he dared to compromise with Congressional Republicans on his landmark legislation … which left millions still uninsured.

Obama “never faced significant backlash for this,” Joy says, and “society lauded him a liberal icon.”

In addition, during last year’s presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton balked at emulating Bernie Sanders’ call for a $15-per-hour minimum wage, instead opting for $12 … which “still wouldn’t allow any minimum wage worker to afford rent.” Yet, she too was was lauded as a “Democratic hero” and “allowed to mask herself as a progressive.”

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