Hundreds of EPA employees quitting under Trump

Hundreds of EPA employees quitting under Trump
The Animas River, where orange is the new blue. (Image: CNN iReport)

[Ed. – I don’t suppose a one of these people understands how many voters there are who don’t associate the EPA with “clean air” or “clean water,” but with regulatory overreach, industry and job killing, legal blitzkriegs against small defendants, and the blatant double standard of the EPA itself skating on Flint and the Gold King Mine disaster.]

ThinkProgress, whose senior editor is scared of his plumber who he fears may have voted for Trump, is warning that the exodus will lead to “dirtier air” and “dirtier water.”

“Since Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt took over the top job at the agency in March, more than 700 employees have either retired, taken voluntary buyouts, or quit, signaling the second-highest exodus of employees from the agency in nearly a decade,” the liberal blog reported. …

After months of crying at their desks over Trump’s election victory, bureaucrats are now “quitting in disgust.”

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