You know what changed in Alabama last night? Not a damn thing

You know what changed in Alabama last night? Not a damn thing
(Image: Screen grab of MSNBC video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Our old buddy Jazz on why all the Democratic high fiving is foolish.]

Hopefully, most of you reading this got at least a few hours of sleep after the counting was (mostly) finished in Alabama. I went to bed when there was barely 5% of the vote in (because I’m old and get up ridiculously early) so I had to learn about it this morning. But before I even turned on the television or fired up my laptop I was confident of one thing… if Doug Jones pulled off the upset there was going to be a pile of commentary pieces waiting for me declaring the end of the Republican Party.

I certainly didn’t have to wait long for that prediction to come true. You can find any number of these pieces online right now (see herehere and here to get started), some published so quickly that they’d obviously been written well in advance. …

There’s plenty more, but you get the general idea. The Democrats have turned Alabama blue because Trump and the Republicans are so unpopular! At this rate, by January of 2019 the Democrats will probably hold a veto-proof majority of 70 seats in the Senate and 350 in the House!

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