Former Google engineer founds robot-centered AI ‘religion’

Former Google engineer founds robot-centered AI ‘religion’
Angel of light? Google AI processes thought. (Background image: Screen grab, YouTube/ColdFusion)

[Ed. – This stopped being cute some time ago.  Perhaps the moment is coming when they call on their ‘god,’ and see if he answers.  Awesomeness bonus points: having an “expert” who can competently address these issues.]

The concept of an AI ‘god’ may seem outlandish, but a former Google and Uber engineer is touting the idea of a hi-tech ‘deity’ as a way to improve society. …

By 2029, computers will reach human levels of intelligence, according to one theory. In fact, Google already uses a bot called the Assistant that can answer just about any web-search related inquiry. Could what we trust and rely on so heavily on a daily basis evolve into a ‘religion’ or a cult?

A well-known engineer who worked at Google and Uber named Anthony Levandowski has founded a new AI-based religion called Way of the Future. The charter? To worship and understand “the Godhead” for the betterment of society.

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At least one expert suggested the idea of an AI godhead might be overblown, however.

“The recent coverage of AI as a single, unified power is a predictable upshot of a self-aggrandising Silicon Valley culture that believes it can summon a Godhead,” says Thomas Arnold, a Research Associate at Tufts University’s Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory.

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