Pelosi says ‘God is with us’ in wanting amnesty

Pelosi says ‘God is with us’ in wanting amnesty
Nancy Pelosi (Image: YouTube screen grab via PBS News Hour)

[Ed. – Is God with her in wanting abortions?]

House Minority Leader said at her Thursday press briefing that “God is with” congressional Democrats who want to allow illegal aliens who came to the United States when they were 16 or under to be allowed to stay in the United States legally.

A reporter asked Pelosi: “Have you changed your mind at all about being willing to accept some border wall funding or immigration crackdown funding within a DREAM Act fix?”

Pelosi responded:

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“I don’t know, when you say, ‘Have you changed your mind?’ We said to the President the night he agreed to the DACA legislation we have a responsibility to protect our border and we think there are many things we can do working together to do that.  And Members have been working in a bipartisan way to address that.

“So we’re not backing off anything, including meeting the needs of protecting our border.  We are not going to turn this country into a reign of terror of domestic enforcement and have the DACA, the DREAMers, pay that price.

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