Media ‘expert’ among those speaking at ‘homage to Fidel Castro’ event in D.C.

Media ‘expert’ among those speaking at ‘homage to Fidel Castro’ event in D.C.

[Ed. – By day, she wears geek glasses and delivers “analysis” for CBS, CNN, etc.  On the Cuban homage-to-Castro circuit, her contributions apparently aren’t so analyze-y.]

The ceremonial event at the Cuban embassy in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 21st in honor of Stalinist dictator Fidel Castro was described by Cuba’s media as a “tribute” in one case and as an “homage” in another.

Yet the event featured a person which the media–from The New York Times to the Washington Post, to CNN to CBS, etc. – has told us for decades is simply a scholarly and antiseptically “impartial Cuba-expert.”

You see, amigos: The panelists honoring Fidel Castro included some of the Fake News Media’s favorite “antiseptically impartial” and eminently scholarly “Cuba experts” and Trump critics, among them Julia Sweig.

Julia Sweig is director for Latin America studies at the Council on Foreign Relations,” is how NPR introduces this favorite quest commentator of theirs.

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