Gingrich on rush to judgment against Franken: No due process; ‘Let’s just lynch him’

Gingrich on rush to judgment against Franken: No due process; ‘Let’s just lynch him’

[Ed. – Gingrich is right here.  One of the supreme ironies is that Republicans who have strongly defended the rights of college students to due process, when they are accused of sex crimes, have either stood silent or participated enthusiastically in the rush to judgment on Al Franken and Roy Moore (and all the rest).  The remarkable thing about these daily revelations (or allegations, if you prefer) is that they aren’t just exposing sexual predators.  They’re exposing everyone else, through the “everyone else’s” reactions.]

[Senator [score]Al Franken[/score]…is] getting support from an unlikely corner, as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said a lynch-mob mentality has taken hold in the Democrat Party…

Now all of these nice people — none of whom have given back the money that they raised from Harvey Weinstein; none of whom have repudiated Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton; none of whom seemed offended in the past — suddenly in a paroxysm of moral outrage, creating a lynch mob.

And what you saw today was a lynch mob. Let’s not have due process, let’s not ask anybody in questions, let’s not have any chance to have a hearing.  Let’s just lynch him — because when we’re done we will be so pure. We will feel so good. …

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Ingraham said she thinks Democrats are ousting Franken because they wants to expel Roy Moore when, as expected, he is elected to the Senate, and they can’t expel Moore with Franken sitting there.

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