College bans 3-D printing of anything ‘remotely resembling a weapon’

College bans 3-D printing of anything ‘remotely resembling a weapon’

[Ed. – That could cover an awful lot of things.]

Computer science students at the College of Charleston received an email last month with a decidedly 21st-century subject line: “No printing weapons….”

The college’s fast-growing Computer Science Department spruced up its offices and classrooms near the South Carolina Aquarium this fall by equipping its student workshop with a programmable robotic arm and some 3D printers — devices that can create small objects from scratch by “printing” layer upon layer of plastic in three dimensions.

Partway through the fall semester, a student apparently tried to use one of the printers to build a prop that looked like a weapon, Department Chair Sebastian van Delden said.

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“There will be absolutely no 3D printing of objects that remotely resemble weapons (guns, knives, etc) using the department’s 3D printers,” van Delden wrote in a Nov. 17 email. “I have confiscated the print job that was running last night.”

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