Former FBI official: Americans must ‘adjust’ to terrorism rather than restrict immigration

Former FBI official: Americans must ‘adjust’ to terrorism rather than restrict immigration
Sayfullo Saipov (Image: Police photo)

[Ed. – This day was foreseen by many, in the event we became lax and ineffective in our fight against terrorism overseas.  We did slide backward on that, reducing the effort to largely one of picking terrorists off in drone killings, and now the alternative faces us: distrust all immigrants from Muslim countries, or accept “terrorism as a way of life.”]

A former official with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says Americans will have to “adjust” to a new country where terrorism is routine because halting immigration is “not who we are.”

Former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI C. Frank Figliuzzi writes in a piece for NBC News that terrorism in the United States is changing quickly to a strategy where terrorism is merely mitigated and contained.

Rather than halting immigration from particularly dangerous and terrorist-sanctioned regions of the world, Figliuzzi says Americans may have to change the way they live…

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While Figliuzzi admits that it’s Americans who will have to suffer, he argues that current legal immigration — whereby more than one million foreign nationals enter the U.S. every year — trends must continue, no matter if they might expose Americans to more terrorist threats.

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