Kate Steinle might still be alive if…

Kate Steinle might still be alive if…
Kate Steinle (Image via Facebook)

[Ed. – … San Francisco were not a sanctuary city.]

As the nation absorbs the verdict, one fact remains true: were San Francisco not a “sanctuary city,” Kate Steinle would likely still be alive today.

Zarate, originally identified as Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, has seven previous felony convictions and has been deported from the United States to his native Mexico five times. When he was first arrested in July 2015, he said specifically that he had come to San Francisco because it was a “sanctuary city,” where local law enforcement would not cooperate with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to deport him from the country.

As ICE told Breitbart News at the time, Zarate had been held by local authorities in San Francisco in March 2015 on an outstanding drug warrant. ICE filed a detainer request, asking to be notified before his release. But because of San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy, local law enforcement did not cooperate with ICE, and Zarate was released in April 2015. He was not supposed to be in the country at all, but was walking around freely in San Francisco.

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