German intel: Arab religious investments in Balkans paying off – in ISIS recruits

German intel: Arab religious investments in Balkans paying off – in ISIS recruits

[Ed. – A sobering finding, if one we can hope represents the fruit of prior activities, which may change with the major shift seemingly underway in Saudi Arabia.  Bottom line: this bears close watching.]

German Intelligence Agency (BND) is concerned about the Islamist ideology increasing its influence in the Balkan region, German newspapers report. The main focus of Germany’s foreign intelligence agency is the Muslim-majority country of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The agency has been alarmed by massive investments being made by Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries in the religious and Islamist infrastructure of the country.

The investments made by Arab patrons are paying off handsomely. Bosnia-Herzegovina has the highest percentage of ISIS recruits compared to any other European country, German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung confirmed. An estimated 200 Bosnians have left the country to fight for the Islamic State, a German broadcaster reported.  In recent months, Bosnian Police have made several arrests and recovered large amounts of explosives and military hardware in raids across the country.

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