Are we finally rid of Lena Dunham?

Are we finally rid of Lena Dunham?

Lena Dunham may be the first person to fabricate details of her alleged rape, then proclaim all women’s claims need to be believed, and then publicly accuse a young woman of lying about having been raped.

Finally, the star and creator of “Girls” has been exposed as the empty vessel she is.

“Girls” was never the smart, generational criticism Dunham always claimed; really, it was just a smuttier, younger “Sex and the City.” Nor is there as much daylight between Dunham and her shallow, entitled character Hannah Horvath as she’d have us believe.

“I think I might be the voice of a generation,” Hannah tells her parents in the first episode. “Or at least a voice of a generation.”

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It was supposed to be a joke, but all too quickly Dunham embraced this notion herself, no doubt emboldened by the real estate afforded her in New York Magazine, the New Yorker and the New York Times. So what if she was a 25-year-old with no real life experience? What she had to say clearly mattered.

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