D.C. jury acquits Libyan Benghazi defendant on murder charges, convicts on terrorism

D.C. jury acquits Libyan Benghazi defendant on murder charges, convicts on terrorism

[Ed. – This was a no-brainer from the start. To convict on murder charges, you have to meet the standard of the definition in law.  No way it can be proven that THIS guy is the individual whose actions resulted in the deaths of the Benghazi 4.  Terrorist conspiracy was the most the prosecution was going to get. Which is why criminal trials for foreign jihadis are ineffective in countering terrorism. Now we just have to house and feed this guy for years.]

A federal court jury here found a Libyan man guilty on Tuesday of playing a role in the infamous terrorist attack on a U.S. government compound in Benghazi, Libya. But he was acquitted of charges that his actions lead to the deaths of four Americans.

Five years after the Sept. 11, 2012, raid that killed a U.S. ambassador, Ahmed Abu Khatallah was found guilty of helping to plan and carry it out. It is the first conviction to stem from the deadly attack.

Prosecutors said Khatallah was among 20 people who stormed the U.S. mission with machine guns and grenade launchers, set it on fire and later attacked an annex, killing Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans — Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods. …

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Of 18 counts in the federal indictment, he was convicted of four: destroying U.S. government property, discharging a firearm during a violent crime, and two counts of providing support to a terror organization.

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