Columbia newspaper refuses to publish Republican op-ed

Columbia newspaper refuses to publish Republican op-ed

[Ed. – Free speech?]

The Columbia University student newspaper has declined to publish an op-ed written by Ari Boosalis, the president of the school’s College Republicans group.

In an opinion submission to The Columbia Spectator obtained by Campus Reform, Boosalis sought to raise awareness of how his club members were doxed by NYC and how the targeting of conservatives on college campuses shows that free speech might be “dead.”

“Recently at Columbia University, a student who is part of Antifa placed a flyer on the door of my residence hall that targeted me as President of the Columbia University College Republicans,” Boosalis began, adding that the flyer included his full name and photo.

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“This action can be considered as libel and harassment, but it concerns a much larger issue that I wish to address: the suppression of ideas and dialogue on college campuses today,” Boosalis added.

As Campus Reform previously reported, the NYC Antifa branch claimed responsibility for posting the flyers, which were initially seen in public areas of campus. Students also joined in, it seems, as some flyers have also been seen in buildings on campus that are only accessible to students.

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