Four (black) cops killed in seven days: Where’s the outrage?

Four (black) cops killed in seven days: Where’s the outrage?

Last year, according to the nonprofit National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, 126 federal, state, local, tribal and territorial officers died in the line of duty in 2014 — although some deaths were attributed to health problems or traffic accidents. Fifty officers were killed by firearms, 15 of them in ambush attacks.

The memorial fund says that shootings against officers increased 50 percent in 2014. This total includes two NYPD officers killed in December in an ambush. The suspect, killed by police, had posted Internet messages that accused police of racism, threatened to kill officers and urged others to do the same.

Despite the widely publicized recent cases where cops killed blacks, new studies show cops — black and white — more reluctant to shoot a black suspect compared to a white suspect. Reasons are unclear, but fear of additional scrutiny — whether fair or not — might be a factor. [Emphasis added]

Suspects who kill cops, however, appear colorblind.

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