WaPo promotes American Indian take on ‘Hatesgiving’ food

WaPo promotes American Indian take on ‘Hatesgiving’ food

On Thanksgiving, Washington Post readers turned to the front page of the Style section for the annual “Native American” lecture on “Hatesgiving.” It was a food article by Maura Judkis. The online headline was “Native American chefs lament ‘Columbusing’of indigenous foods.” Judkis began:

Earlier this fall, Karlos Baca, an indigenous food activist known for cooking beautiful foraged meals using traditional Native American ingredients and cooking methods, was approached by a regional food magazine: Would he like to provide a recipe for their Thanksgiving issue?

“Instead of getting a recipe from me, they got three pages of activism,” he says. Baca, along with some other Native Americans who see the holiday as whitewashing the harm colonists did to indigenous people, refers to it as “Takesgiving” or “Hatesgiving.” Typically, he won’t participate in the dinner: “I have a tradition of fasting,” he says.

“Foodies” looking for the next hot culinary trend are beginning to seize on the Native American foods. But wait, even the term “Native American” is an insult! The guilt trip is never ending! You must always feel the need to apologize for the wrongs of Miles Standish! Or General Custer!

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