Domestic unrest, Iran’s worst nightmare, is growing

Domestic unrest, Iran’s worst nightmare, is growing

[Ed – Author Keyvan Salami suggests the attitude of the Trump administration is giving Iranians new hope that dissent will be taken seriously by the United States.  I noted the repression of Cyrus commemorations at the time, which seemed like a really bad idea.  Cyrus is not just revered among Iranians; he is respected throughout the world as a major historical figure who left a legacy of continuing philosophical interest for all cultures.  Prediction: Cyrus is going to win this one, as are the Iranian people.]

[O]n October 29…the regime launched a massive crackdown effort to prevent any gathering marking International Cyrus Day, in memory of an ancient Persian ruler known to be the author of the world’s first human rights charter.

Reports indicate that Iran deployed thousands of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), Basij, and Intelligence Ministry members alongside hordes of plainclothes agents to prevent any possible gathering mirroring the 2016 scenario on this same day.

Iran also resorted to a media campaign inside the country and abroad, claiming to have quelled a plot by “foreign-based dissidents and currents opposing the establishment,” as explained in a leaflet distributed by state police warning against any rallies.

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