Thanksgiving dinner at this New York restaurant will set you back $76,000

Thanksgiving dinner at this New York restaurant will set you back $76,000
Mashed sweet potatoes with caivar (Image: CNBC video screen grab)

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There’s no typo in the headline. New York City, which can lay claim to being home to the world’s most expensive ice cream sundae, is also now home to the world’s most expensive Thanksgiving dinner. The meal, at the Old Homestead Steakhouse, carries a price tag of (wait for it!) $76,000! According to CNBC, that amount is 1,500 times the cost of the average Thanksgiving meal for ten!

Marc Sherry, co-owner of the restaurant, is quoted as saying, “When you spend $76,000 on a Thanksgiving dinner, you’re not just buying dinner, you’re creating memories.” Yes, memories of the poorhouse for most people.

So how does the Old Homestead justify this insane price for a single meal? For my money, they don’t come close.

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Dinner begins with $100 imported king oysters with a mignonette sauce made using Opus One. To put this in some perspective, a bottle of 1997 Opus One can be purchased from Sokolin for $495. …

Your next course is a platter of inch-thick $225-per-pound smoked bacon slabs taken from a Japanese black boar, accompanied by an $1,800 bottle of special reserve cognac. …

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