Newest language hero: French PM quashes move to make French writing ‘inclusive’

Newest language hero: French PM quashes move to make French writing ‘inclusive’

[Ed. – The grotesquerie of the “inclusive” concept proposed for French writing is inexpressible.  I never knew how much I admired M. Edouard Philippe.  He should be leading the Justice League.  If the asteroid hits, he’s head of the line for the underground survival facility.  Morgan Freeman should play him in the movie.]

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has clamped down on attempts to make French more female-friendly, issuing a ban on so-called “inclusive writing” in official texts, according to a memo seen by AFP on Tuesday. …

At the centre of the row is the growing use of formulations to embrace both genders in the plural form, which requires full-stops being inserted in the word — to the horror of purists.

For example, the word for a mixed-gender group of “readers” is usually written as “lecteurs”, even if the women outnumber the men, rather than with the feminine plural “lectrices”.

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Using inclusive writing, the word would be written as “lecteur.rice.s”.

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