FL Gov Scott: Puerto Ricans leaving island at rate of 2,000 per day

FL Gov Scott: Puerto Ricans leaving island at rate of 2,000 per day
The island is still recovering the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria (Image: YouTube screen grab via CBS)

[Ed. – That’s a big outflow.  Most of them won’t go back, or at least not soon.  This doesn’t have to be a catastrophe; it could be an opportunity for others who might be interested in rebuilding in Puerto Rico.  It will depend on whether the freedom is there to do that.  The existing political structure is likely to be the biggest obstacle.]

Puerto Ricans have been fleeing the island at a rate of 2,000 a day, a huge hit to the hurricane-ravaged island, according to Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

The impact of the human outflow could be damaging to the island’s manufacturing base, which tops tourism as its income base. …

[I]n discussion about Puerto Rico released by Ripon, the influential moderate Republican policy group, [P.R. House Rep. Jenniffer] Gonzalez-Colon and other lawmakers generally praised the federal response.

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“We have been receiving funds and we have been receiving help,” she said, “but we are still shy in some areas. I think the Corps of Engineers was given three tasks. They have been slow in all three. That’s the main concern, but the rest of the agencies have been doing a wonderful job.”

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