The real Al Franken: Part nasty, part jerk

The real Al Franken: Part nasty, part jerk

[Ed. – Frankenstein]

Franken has apologized three times to [Lesann] Tweeden, but Tweeden is still angry. She called the groping photo a “parting shot” after nearly two weeks of being “belittled and humiliated” by Franken. …

To reject or irk Franken is to risk his odd wrath — and that has not been a top secret in politics or Hollywood. Franken, a dogged liberal, once challenged Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, to a fistfight.

It was the summer of 2000 and, according to Lowry, he had been on C-SPAN to discuss how liberals and feminists are “promoting the feminization of America.” Lowry called for a “defense of traditional notions of masculinity.”

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Franken got mad and offered to fight, bare-fisted, for $1,000 to go to the winner’s charity. Lowry declined.

The year 2000 must have been a high-testosterone time for Franken. That was also the year he hounded conservative Melanie Morgan for three days for daring to argue with him on the budget.

That year, Morgan was on ABC’s “Politically Incorrect” with Bill Maher when Franken was a guest. After debating the budget, Franken got Morgan’s phone number from the show. After that, it got weird. Morgan says Franken harassed her for three days.

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