The New Yorker names new ‘suspect’ in assault on Sen. Rand Paul

The New Yorker names new ‘suspect’ in assault on Sen. Rand Paul
Image: YouTube screen grab

[Ed. – You mean the butler didn’t do it?]

The reported facts are these: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul suffered several fractured ribs and other injuries after being assaulted in his yard by a neighbor. The neighbor in question is a Democrat who claims politics had nothing to do with it, and that Paul’s injuries were the result of a dispute about landscaping/yard issues that got out of control.

A piece in The New Yorker tried to connect even more dots when it comes to who’s ultimately responsible:

The New Yorker 


The attack on Rand Paul by his neighbor reveals a sinister banality of American life that, these days, is often emanating from Donald Trump. 

Confirmed: To the lefty media there’s nothing that can’t be traced back to Trump these days.

Call off the investigation, it’s Trump’s fault!

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