Dog ‘dies of a broken heart’ after being dumped at airport by her owner

Dog ‘dies of a broken heart’ after being dumped at airport by her owner
Nube viajera (Image: CEN via Telegraph)

[Ed. – As with being a parent, if you can’t care for and love a pet, don’t have one.]

A dog who  was abandoned by her owner at an airport has died of a “broken heart”.

The dog, called “Nube Viajera” or Wandering Cloud by the vets who treated her, spent a month wandering around the terminal at Palonegro airport near Bucaramanga, Colombia hoping to be reunited with her owner.

According to witnesses, she sniffed people at the airport before giving up the search and lying listlessly in a corner of the terminal.

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Both passengers and workers offered the dog, who was no more than two years old, food – but she refused to eat.

“It is presumed that she had an owner and a home and that they abandoned her because the dog never left the airport,” Dr Alejandro Sotomonte told Noticias RCN.

Clearly malnourished she was taken to a shelter after somebody alerted an animal rescue group, the Mirror reported.

By then the once healthy dog was so weak she was barely able to stand.

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