Orange Co Sheriff clears homeless camp, finds underground bunker, 1k stolen bikes, loaded gun

Orange Co Sheriff clears homeless camp, finds underground bunker, 1k stolen bikes, loaded gun
Underground "bunker" found at homeless camp in Fountain Valley, CA. (Image: OC Sheriff)

[Ed. – The homeless camps along the California coast are becoming such fixtures that they have whole cultures going.]

Orange County sheriff’s deputies and public employees said they uncovered unusual and dangerous conditions in the recently cleared homeless camps on the riverbed in Fountain Valley and in portions of the river to the north. The findings, they said, posed public safety risks and indicated that the area was rife with crime. …

County employees discovered the bunker Wednesday, Nov. 16, as part of a cleanup effort after the county forced about 200 people to move out of the area five days earlier.

The cavern’s hatch was concealed beneath a thin layer of dirt. But once workers opened the plywood trapdoor, they found a series of wooden steps that took them six feet underground, to a reinforced, 10-foot-by-10-foot room big enough for a 5-foot-7-inch person to stand upright. …

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The county moved to clear the encampment, located between Warner and Edinger avenues, following months of complaints from neighbors that homeless people were trespassing, harassing residents and stealing from nearby homes.

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