Great news from Hillary: It’s now cool to question the legitimacy of U.S. elections

Great news from Hillary: It’s now cool to question the legitimacy of U.S. elections
Inspiration. (Image: Screen grab of NBC video via Twitter)

[Ed. – Hypocrisy should be her middle name.]

Not sure if this qualifies as news since Hillary Clinton has been questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 election from almost at the time she first found out the results. In a presidential debate in October 2016, Hillary declared Trump’s suggestion that he would wait for the outcome to determine whether to endorse the results “horrifying,” and that Trump was “talking down our democracy.” In a new interview with Mother Jones, Hillary apparently has no problem talking down democracy in a horrifying fashion, as long as democracy didn’t serve her ambitions:

A year after her defeat by Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton says “there are lots of questions about its legitimacy” due to Russian interference and widespread voter suppression efforts.

In an interview with Mother Jones in downtown Manhattan, Clinton said Russian meddling in the election “was one of the major contributors to the outcome.” The Russians used “weaponized false information,” she said, in “a very successful disinformation campaign” that “wasn’t just influencing voters, it was determining the outcome.”

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