Spain housed security police off Catalonia in literal ‘Looney Tunes’ ferry for 2 months

Spain housed security police off Catalonia in literal ‘Looney Tunes’ ferry for 2 months
Massive Looney Tunes-decorated ferry, used to house Spanish security police during Catalonia crisis, departs Barcelona on 16 Nov after 57 days pierside. (Image: Screen grab of La Vanguardia video, YouTube)

[Ed. – You can’t make this stuff up.  It will be such a gyp if no one makes a movie out of all of it.]

A massive ferry painted with giant Looney Tunes cartoon characters, which acted as a temporary home to hundreds of Spanish police in restive Catalonia, sailed out of a Barcelona port on Thursday.

The ferry had been docked for 57 days, arriving in advance of Catalonia’s independence referendum on Oct. 1.

Before the independence poll, which was met by a controversial police crackdown, thousands of Spanish National Police and Civil Guards were brought into the defiant northeastern region.

However, police say housing for all the outside officers was problematic, so police rented three large ships to provide temporary shelter during the operation against the referendum and separatist government.

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