More than 340 reported dead in 7.3 earthquake on Iran-Iraq border

More than 340 reported dead in 7.3 earthquake on Iran-Iraq border
(Image: Screen grab of AP video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Oddly, the main quake and the aftershocks hit in an area where new revetments have shown up in the last year for Iranian missile sites.  The seismic events are of course not a result of any physical impact from the missile site development.]

Following a 7.3-magnitude earthquake on the Iran-Iraq border Sunday night, more than 300 people have died and at least 5,000 people have been injured, CNN reported.

Most of the deaths have been reported in Iran, with 341 people confirmed dead and 5,950 injured, state-run news agency IRNA reported. Seven people are confirmed dead and 300 people are injured in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region, said Rekawt Hama Rasheed, the health minister of the Kurdish Regional Government, CNN reported.

Four were killed in the Kurdish town of Darbandikhan, where a dam was hit by falling rocks. Cracks were seen in the dam but it appears to be holding,, said Rahman Shikhani, the head of the Darbandikhan Dam.

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The epicenter of the earthquake was the town of Halabja near the Iranian border, but it was felt as far away as Turkey and Pakistan. Aftershocks hit Pakistan, Lebanon, Kuwait and Turkey, news agencies in those countries reported.

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