Out: Trump colluded with Russia. In: Trump colluded with China

Out: Trump colluded with Russia. In: Trump colluded with China
Sen. Richard Blumenthal (Image: YouTube screen grab via MSNBC)

[Ed. – This weenie is behind it.]

Despite a year of trying, the Democrats are still unable to produce even a scintilla of evidence that President Trump and his campaign team were coordinating with the Kremlin to steal the election from Hillary.

Congressional Democrats, their mouthpieces in the media, Never Trump Republicans and perhaps hundreds of Obama stay behinds in the intelligence community have spared no lie nor illegal leak of classified information to cast suspicion on Trump being a Putin puppet.

Could it be that now they are moving the goalposts AGAIN?

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That would seem to be the case according to high-ranking Senate Democrat Richard “Dick” Blumenthal who is now casting suspicion on Trump during his Asia trip and in the sleazy McCarthyite manner that has become the Dems’ modus operandi, claiming that Trump is colluding with China.

Does it get any more freaking bat guano crazy than this?

Remember though, Blumenthal is the same slimeball that lied about his military service in Vietnam and begged for forgiveness, once a bull shitter, always a bull shitter. He also has the appearance of the type of man whose ass is so tight you could not drive an 8 penny nail in it with a 10-pound sledgehammer.

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